Intrepid English Videos: Brand Values

At Intrepid English, we have five brand values that we are extremely passionate about. So, what exactly are the Intrepid English brand values, and what do they mean? In a series of videos, the Intrepid English Teachers explain what exactly our brand values are, why they are so important to us personally and Intrepid English as a company, and how we are implementing them into our work.

Growth Mindset

In this video, Intrepid English Founder Lorraine explains what we mean by a growth mindset.


In this video, Intrepid English Teacher Thomas explains what empowerment means and why we are so passionate about empowering our students.

Read more about how we are Empowering Through English through our work with various charities in this blog post.


In this video, Intrepid English Teacher Gemma explains what community means to us all, and why the Intrepid English Community is at the core of what we do. Community is a value we share, but it’s also a space online where students and teachers can interact and learn from each other.


In this video, Intrepid English Teacher and Director of Studies Lida explains what we mean by inclusivity and why diversity and inclusion are so important to us.


In this video, Intrepid English Teacher Jo talks about personalisation and why it is so important for effective learning.

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Interview with Alyssa Ordu

Hello, and welcome to the Intrepid English podcast. My name is Lorraine, and today, I have a conversation for you. My friend Alyssa is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant in London. And when I told Alyssa that we were creating a diversity and inclusion course, in the intrepid English Academy, we had a lovely conversation about why diversity and inclusion are so important. I asked her to join me on this podcast as an expert in this field, to break down these big topics so that our English learners and the listeners of this podcast can understand a little bit about what diversity and inclusion are, why they’re so important, and give you a little bit of language that you can use to increase your awareness and broaden your horizons in these essential areas.


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